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System uses lateral ventilation through Combivents, which can be equipped with cooling, heating and a humidification system, to control the internal climate

Box storage with lateral ventilation, using Combivents.

By "lateral ventilation" we mean moving air around the (open) storage boxes, rather than forcing it between the potatoes and onions. This type of ventilation is suitable for potatoes, fruits, tomatoes, etc., but is not suitable for onions. Onions require forced ventilation between the bulbs, because they have a lot of loose skin between them, which prevents homogenous ventilation with a lateral system.

Combivent ventilation system

Because of their weight and servicing, the Combivents are placed on the floor of the storage space. However, the air is needed close to the ceiling, which is why they have chimneys.

Combivent and it's ventilation chimneys.

The outlets of the chimneys of a Combivent. The air is blown over the boxes, collides against the front wall of the storage facility, comes down and is sucked between the boxes towards the back.

Combivent ventilation outlets above the stored product

The chimney outlets of the Combivent in a potato storage facility. To ensure proper ventilation, it is very important to have at least 1.8 metres of free headspace above the boxes, to guarantee an even air flow.

Condensors of a Combivent at the back of a storage

If cooling is used, the evaporators are placed at the back of the store in front of the entrance hatch. The compressors and condensers can be placed at the back in a convenient place.

How does a storage system with lateral ventilation and Combivents function?

The air is sucked inwards by the Combivent's hatch. The Combivent pushes it through its pipes or chimneys above the boxes until it collides against the opposite wall. From there, the air goes down and passes between the boxes, which is why the boxes must be placed 10 to 15 cm apart from each other, then the air leaves through the exit hatches. Depending on the characteristics of the produce and the time it spends outside the facility, this system can:

outlet and inlet hatches of a box potato storage, using combivents
Backside of a storage with combivents.

1. Ventilate only with external air, cooling or heating the storage facility.

2. Ventilate only with internal air, cooling or heating the storage facility.

3. Ventilate with a mixture of external and internal air, cooling or heating the storage facility.

In addition, the Combivent can be equipped with built-in evaporators to cool the warehouse and/or heaters to heat the storage and/or a humidification system (think potatoes).

A storage system using lateral ventilation with Combivents:

Storage with lateral ventilation with Combivents

To see more details regarding the major components of a storage system, like: sensors, the Multiserver (the brain of the system), boxes to be used etc., please go to: Components of a computerized storage facility.

Requirements for proper operation.

1. Leave enough free space above the boxes.

2. Do not disturb the airflow: The rows of boxes should be straight and walls of the storage should be smooth.

3. Leave 10 to 15 cm of free space between boxes.

4. Maximum of 10 boxes per row, but may be stacked up to six boxes high.

Watch the video, to get a better idea of this storage system using Combivents.

The advantages of the system:

1. Total control of the internal climate of the facility.

2. Potatoes and other produce can be stored for a long time, if the produce is of good quality.

3. Low maintenance.

4. A flexible system, suitable for different produce.

5. Can also be used with bagged produce.

The dis-advantages of the system:

Like all systems with lateral ventilation, this system with Combivents is not suitable for onions.

Potato box storage in Ukraine, using combivents.

Storage facility in Ukraine, using boxes and Combivents. Therefore, it is for storing potatoes and NOT for storing onions.

This means that any required temperature, in combination with any required relative humidity, can be maintained.

Therefore, this system is used to store a great variety of produce, like: potatoes, beets, carrots, fruits, and vegetables.

The only produce that cannot be stored in storage facilities with lateral ventilation are onions.
Because of the loose skins of onions, they require a system that forces the air through them.

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