Components for automated (computerised) onion and potato storage
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Componentes de los sistemas de almacenaje
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The multiserver is the brain of a fully automated and controlled system for storing potatoes, onion or any other storable crops.

The eight major components of a fully automated crop storage system.

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To install a fully automated storage system we need:

1. An insulated storage building with minimum internal dimensions (The dimensions, supplied by Agrovent).
2. One electricity connection.

That is all!

All the components, including all necessary cabling and their supports, will arrive at the facility in a couple of containers.

The moment the containers are on site, the Agrovent Technician will arrive. With the assistance of three or four local electricians and technicians (and a fork lift truck), he will install and test everything. Once it is installed and tested, he will train the local operators.

The Multiserver is like the brain of the automated storage system.

The Multiserver receives data from various temperature and relative humidity sensors, which are placed outside and inside the warehouse, and between the potatoes and onions.

In addition, the Multiserver receives data from the control panel on the status of: 1. turbines, 2. hatches, 3. heaters, condensers or Vacc Tek, 4. humidification system, 5. sometimes also the level of CO2 gas between the produce.

Multiserver Programmes. Here are a few examples of the most important ones: 1. Drying onions, 2. Cooling onions, 3. Storing onions, 4. Warming onions, 5. Drying potatoes, 6. Curing potatoes, 7. Cooling potatoes, 8. Storing potatoes and 9. Warming potatoes.

By combining all this information, the Multiserver constantly ensures optimum climate within the facility, according to the programme in operation.

The person responsible for storage chooses the programme, enters the specific parameters according to the circumstances of the produce or local time, and sets the system in motion. Although the system is automatic, it is highly recommendable to monitor the warehouse daily. It is not enough to simply look at the indicators of temperature and relative humidity; you have to enter the warehouse and check the produce manually by looking at it and touching it.

It brings together all the major components of the storage system, like the turbines, hatches, sensors, heaters and humidification, creating one smooth operating climate control system.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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