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The Internet is based on links. If there weren't links, the Internet wouldn't exist.

Our commitment to reciprocate links

We will interchange links with all relevant pages on agriculture that link to us.

If you want to exchange links, put a link to our website. Please use the title of the page, you link to, as the anchor text.

Inform us and send us your link instructions through our CONTACT FORM.

We will add a reciprocal link following your instructions within 5 business days.

Links are a courtesy to your visitors

Ask yourself why web surfers visit your web site. Give them what they're looking for. Links to related web sites show your visitors that you care about them.

For this reason, if you find a good web site with good content you should link to that site.

Content is King

The content is the most important thing about a web site, there for you should only link to web sites with relevant contents.

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Importance of links to your site a Newsletter from IBP.

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