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A short description of the 10 main chapters: harvest, transport, storage, handling, weighing, packing, processing, agriculture this web site.

The main chapters of this web site

And a short description of the contents of the various sub-chapters.

1. Onions potatoes: mechanization in agriculture lowers production costs.

Our mission:

To guide you through the harvest and post-harvest processes, from field to fork, in the most efficient, cost effective and produce-friendly way.

2. Onion harvest & potato harvest

The 4 objectives of a successful harvest are:

1. Harvest at the right moment. 2. Get the onions or potatoes as quickly as possible from the field and...

3. Onion transport & potato transport during the harvest.

Always be prepared to transport the harvest from the field as fast as possible,

4. Onion storage & potato storage facilities: their requirements

The functions of a onion or potato storage facility are: drying, curing and storing, and all under the same roof.

5. Onion handling and potato handling equipment.

Both, handling or processing, are actions to add value to the product and in many circumstances the farmer should seriously consider doing these things himself.

6. Weighing onions and potatoes.

All producers want to, and should weigh their produce prior to sale.

The four most important ways of weighing onions or potatoes are the following:

7. Potato and onion packing machines

Packing is the best part of the field to fork process to start agricultural mechanisation.

Why is this?

8. Processing potatoes adds significant value to your crop, but.

In many developed countries, the demand for fresh potatoes is either growing very slowly or falling.

9. Agriculture is dependent on continual innovation

Let it never be said that agriculture involves nature taking care of the crops, while man takes a back seat.

10. How to contact us.

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