Preparing freshly harvested potatoes or onions for storage or delivery
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Recepción y manipulación de cebollas y papas
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An onion or potato reception area where the product is being received pre-clean and put in wooden boxes which go into storage.

A reception line for handling onions and potatoes

This handling line does everything you need to do with onions and potatoes to store it in boxes and prepare it to be sold in mesh bags.

This standard reception and handling line of a Dutch producer, who cultivates a variety of products, because of the obligatory crop rotation in the Netherlands. And included in that variety of products are onions and potatoes. The producer has a store with boxes where he can store his onions and potatoes for several months. When he starts selling his onions and potatoes he wants to sell them in mesh-bags of 25 kg.

In order to do all that with his onions and potatoes, he needs an installation that looks like the diagram below. It is just an example of many possibilities.

Under the diagram you will find for buttons: Circuit 1, Circuit 2, Circuit 3 and Circuit 4. Each circuit represents a specific function of the reception line. Clicking on a button will walk you through the installation step by step with some explanations.

Select a circuit and you will be taken through the installation.

Below the drawing of this crop reception installation we have placed a movie to give an idea about its operation.

 Select a circuit:

Seeing an installation as a drawing is one thing, seeing it in action is quite another thing.

A potato / onions reception and handling line in action.

The movie:

Dirty potatoes (from for instance a potato box-storage) arrive at the installation leave the installation: graded, inspected, washed, dried, weighed, bagged and labeled. All fully mechanized.

The movie shows a double (for continuous loading) bin tipper, from the bin-tippers the potatoes are transported to a grid-grader. From there the potatoes pass over roller inspection tables to be taken to bunkers where the various sizes are stored temporarily. From the bunkers the potatoes go through a drum washer, via a dryer to another inspection table to a Multihead-weigher, after which the potatoes are automatically bagged in transparent plastic bags which are sealed and a labeled. From there the bags go to a palletizer (which is not shown) for final delivery.

The whole operation is totally automated with the exception fork-lift driver and the people who work at the inspection tables.

The same installation can empty the boxes, brush the produce, pass the produce over a roller inspection table, where the culling (removing damaged product) is done and subsequently the product passes over a grader to be weighed and packaged in different formats.

At the end of the page is a movie of such an installation in operation.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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