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This potato line pre-cleans, soaks, washes, brushes, dries, grades, inspects and packs the potatoes in different sizes.

Postharvest potato line that: washes, dries, grades and bags the potatoes.

This handling line has a capacity of 5.000 Kg / hour.

The bottom diagram represents a line for washing, drying, sorting, inspecting and packaging potatoes. The capacity of 5,000 kg per hour (the line in the movie has a capacity of 12,000 Kg / hour).

These kinds of lines are seen in the central markets (Bogotá, Buenos Aires, etc.), where the producer comes with his potatoes freshly harvested and bagged in the dirty sacks he used to harvest them. For a small price he passes his product through the line. The result is that his product comes out clean, graded and well bagged. The result is that can ask a higher price, added value, because of a much better presentation of his product.

Postharvest washing potato line

Postharvest potato handling line that: washes, dries, grades and bags the potatoes.

1. Receiving hopper with a capacity of 1.5 tons.7. Elevator.
2. Pre cleaner (dry), to separate stones and other unwanted inclusions from the potatoes.8. Grid grader (two graders; three sizes).
3. Pre cleaner with water under pressure.9. Conveyor belts (two).
4. Drum washer10. 3 Conveyor belts to bring the potatoes to the inspection tables.
5. Brush cleaner and dryer.11./12. Inspection tables with rollers for the last inspection of the product before it gets bagged.
6. Storage water tank with 3 compartments for recycling.13. Conveyor belt for rejected product from the inspection tables.

Pre-cleaning, cleaning, drying, grading, inspecting and bagging dirty potatoes.

Have a look at the movie for better understanding of this very efficient installation, used world wide.

The total investment for a line like this, with a capacity of 5.000 kg / hour is about $ 140.000 plus transportation and installation.

To analyze the cost per kilogram of this investment visit our page: analyze investment.

These kinds of lines are seen all over the world: at farms, public central markets and in the product reception area of big retail chains. Farmers should serious consider doing this on their farms because of the important value added.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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