30 t/h onion grading and packaging line
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Clasificar y empaquetar cebollas, capacidad 30 ton/h
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This 30 ton per hour grading line consists out of a receiving hopper which pre-cleans the freshly harvested onions and places them on a conveyor belt

A postharvest onions handling line that grades, inspects, weighs and bags the onions with a capacity of 30 ton / hour.

The line shown below is not suitable for handling white onions or short day onions. The reason is that the line has a grid grader.

This type of graders are only suitable for firm and compact bulbs. If you want to know more about graders, see: different graders.

The main components of a high capacity grading line for onions (30 ton / hour)

Lay-out of a high capacity onion grading and packaging installation.

Lay-out of a high capacity onion grading and packing installation.

grid graders

A front view of the 5 grid grid-grader for onions, beets or potatoes. The biggest product leaves the highest grid and and the smaller sizes fall through, with the result that the under-sized product leaves this grader at the bottom. For more details on grid-graders please Go to: Grid-grader or sieve graders.

grid graders for firm onions

The grid-grader releases the onions on a wide conveyor belt, where vertical separators lead the different sizes to their inspection tables.

flow of onions towards inspection tables

Here the flow of the onions to the inspection can be seen clearly.

guiding onion flows

Another overview of how the different sized onions arrive at their different inspection tables.

Onion flow management

Close-up of how the different sized onions arrive at their inspection tables.

the roller inspection tables for the onions

Here is shown how the inspected onions are fed into small hoppers, that supply the semi-automatic weighers and bagging machines with a constant flow of product to insure a fluid operation.

semi automatic weighing and bagging of onions

Semi automatic weighing and bagging equipment for onions.

semi automatic weighing and bagging of onions

The end of the line: The 5 semi-automatic weighers-baggers for onions or potatoes. Note: the undersize are fed into a wooden box, seen at the right side of this picture and the jumbo size are fed into the semi-automatic weighers-baggers at the right hand side of the picture.

Then the onions are transported to the 5 grid-grader.

From there the graded product is transported to 5 inspection tables. The undersized product and the dirt that falls out the bottom of the grid grader goes directly to a disposal bin.

The 5 graded sizes pass the inspection on their way to the semi-automatic weigher/baggers.

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