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Consumers are willing to pay more than double for good packaged and weighed products like potatoes, onions carrots etc.

Don't believe it?

Good packaging is an important added value.

Housewives pay almost double for a product which is nicely and comfortable packaged!

Look at the prices in a big super market.

Onions and potatoes, to transport them from the store to a home, have to be packaged any way.

Therefore .... why not do it in the most attractive, economic and efficient way?

Loose onions and potatoes on display in a supermarket.
Loose onions and potatoes on display in a supermarket.

Other significant added values in relation to the packaging are:

1. weighing the product

2. labeling with barcode and pricing

Weighed, packaged and labeled potatoes on display in asuper market
Weighed, packaged and labeled potatoes on display in asuper market

Today's trend in stores and supermarkets is, that you see onions, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, etc., being displayed in packages of 2, 3 or 10 kg.

The packaging material can be simple mesh bags with sewn labels or highly sophisticated plastic bags with all kinds of colored images. Even many larger supermarket chains carry their own private brand or private label.

Stores prefer to do so for several reasons:

  1. It saves a lot of work in the store because the product is already packaged, weighed and labeled with a bar code for quick check out.
  2. The displays of the store look neat and clear.
  3. Private brands in supermarket chains attract customers and create customer loyalty. In other words, private label packaging is a powerful marketing tool for super market chains.

Packaged product makes ''in-shop-handling'' easier, less laborious and more efficient.

Why not offer these services of packaging, labeling and weighing to the retailer?.

Producers who store their onions or potatoes are in an optimal situation to render these services of weighing, packaging and labeling for stores or supermarkets.

They could even render this service to colleagues who don't have the packaging equipment, but want to sell their products with these added values.


Why give this added value to others?

What is the value of this ''added-value of packaging'', have a look inside a big super market.

Come and have a look at the prices in a major supermarket.

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