Finding the right equipment for packing your onions and potatoes.
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Equipos para empaquetar cebollas o papas.
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There are a variety of systems for weighing and filling bags and packs of onions, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, etc.

Choosing the right weighing machine with bagging equipment is difficult.

The principles of weight in relation to the size of packaging.

As already explained in the weighing section, we must distinguish between two weighing methods, depending on the size of the packaging.

1. How does a weigher work for relatively large packages (5kg and more)?

2. How does a weigher work for relatively small packages (200 grams to 2kg)?

Once you understand the difference between these two weighing systems, you can then make an informed choice about which weighing and bagging system to choose.

We have classified weighers with incorporated bagging machines in a table, based on:

1. Size of the packaging.

2. Semi automated.

3. Fully automated.

We are aware that this is a complex matter, and this is why we recommend that you take a look at all of the machines. By seeing these machines, and videos of how they work, it will all become much clearer.

For 5 Kg or more

SKALS economic weigher/bagger

SKALS and Oldenhuis & Prinsen

1EW-2000-TP packer plus Bagmaster: JN-ZK1

2EW-2000-TP packer plus Bagmaster: JN-ZK1

Between 0.5 Kg and 25 Kg

CW10 plus Bagmaster: JN-ZK1

CW12 plus Bagmaster: BSM3

Between 0.2 Kg and 50 Kg

Eqraft Multi-Head weigher (16), can have up to 3 discharge chutes, this means it can work with up to 3 bagging or packaging machines in the same packing line.

Between 0.2 Kg and 2 Kg

Clippers, small mesh bags with or without weighing system

A small Multi-Head weigher in combination with bagging machine working according the TETRA principle

It is not practical to fill bags of less than 5 kg manually or semi-automatically.

Why aren't double belt weigher/fillers (elevated) suitable for filling small packs?

It's very simple. Imagine that the machine is filling 1kg bags (1,000 grams) with big potatoes, weighing around 250 grams each. The weigher approaches 950 grams, the wide belt stops and the dosing belt adds the last potato. Result: 1,200 grams in a bag with a nominal weight of 1,000 grams. We would be giving away 20% of the product.

If this happened in a 5kg bag, we would be giving away 4%, and if this happened with a 10kg bag, we would be giving away only 2%.

Therefore, the smaller the bag or packet, the more suitable the multi-head weigher system.

The biggest difference between them is their suitability for filling large or small bags.

They must also be differentiated between automated or semi-automated systems. The larger the quantity of product to be processed, the more cost-effective the automated system becomes, although these systems require a considerable investment. By contrast, semi-automated systems are more profitable when packing smaller quantities of a product in big bags.

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