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Enlaces para equipos para pesar la cosecha
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A collection of links related to equipment and general knowledge regarding weighing systems.

Links to manufactures of food weighing equipment

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SKALS: Sorting and washing of potatoes and vegetables - Skals

Skals Maskinfabrik is a growing danish company, working with development and production of high quality machinery for farms and related industry since 1896.

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Eqraft designs, builds, and maintains processing and packaging solutions for onions, potatoes, fruits, vegetables, dry edibles and other commodities around the globe.

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Skals pesadoras de cinta, usando el sistema de dosificación.

Automatic cycle with multiple belt speeds, Adjustable belt speeds, optimizing precision / efficiency, Automatic weight optimizer according to last portion, Automatic calibration - compensating for dirt etc.

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Pesadoras y empacadoras

Tiene pesadoras de cinta y pesadoras de multi cabeza

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Inicio » Maquinaria Agrícola » Maquinaria Pesada » Maquinaria post-cosecha » Pesadoras de Patatas

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innovar y mecanizar! asi puedes ahorrar!

Nosotros buscamos cada vez soluciones más eficientes y maquinaria más fiables. Por eso visitamos todas las ferias internacionales donde ofrecen las maquinas de la ultima generacion con tecnologia de punta.

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