The 16 head multi-head weigher of Eqraft
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Pesadora multicabezal de Eqraft
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We present to you the Eqraft multi-head or multi-channel weigher (with 16 heads).

The future of weighers has arrived.

The complete weighing solution from Eqraft with their multi-head weigher (16)

The future of weighers is here and now.

The future of weighers is here and now.

A compact design with centered feeders at the top.

A compact design with centered feeders at the top.

Capacities, based on potatoes

This weigher weighs very small bags of 0.2kg to 25kg or more. Furthermore the size of the product has very little impact on the weighing accuracy.

Weight of the bag
in kilos
Number of
bags / minute
kg / minute
Number of
bags / minute
/ hour
0,2 Kg6713.4 Kg4.000800 Kg
25 Kg25625 Kg1.50037.500 Kg
50 Kg18900 Kg1.08054.000 Kg

The accuracy of an Eqraft multi-head weigher

The Eqraft multi-head weigher is both very compact and flexible

This machine is flexible, not only because it weighs different products (from peas to grapefruit), but also because three different packers can be used at the same time.

Multiple functions of the weigher.

Using a system of gates or valves under the weigher means that 3 different packing mechanisms can be used at once, for example:

1. A semi-automated bagging machine for 25kg bags.

Ordinary 23kg bags.

Ordinary 23kg bags.

2. Automated bagger, for private label packaging.

Luxury packaging for a supermarket.

Luxury packaging for a supermarket.

3. Or a simple "stripper" for small net bags with label.

Small net bags with label.

Small net bags with label.

A multi-head weigher of Eqraft in action in New Zealand.

A high-capacity, fully mechanized line for weighing, bagging, labeling and palletizing bags with onions.

The Eqraft multi-head weigher makes it possible to change the type of packaging from one moment to the next, at the touch of a button.

A couple of features of the Eqraft multi-head weigher (16 heads).

2 of the 16 dosing mechanisms
3 of the 16 weighing hoppers
weighing hoppers seen from above
2 weighing hoppers see from below

This machine, already in use in several continents, is a robust machine, offering very accurate weighing, a large capacity and flexibility.

Its accuracy comes from combining different batches that have already been dosed, which together make up the target weight.

Its large capacity is achieved by ensuring the product travels the shortest distance possible when inside the machine, so that little time elapses between each weighing.

Its flexibility is due to:
1. Its wide weighing hoppers (heads). This means that a wide variety of products can be weighed, whether small (nuts) or large (potatoes).
2. You can have up to three different different packers under the weigher, making it possible to pack very different packages in just one handling line.

Its robustness: Please see the photos at the bottom of this page.

To see how these types of weighers work click here: The two automated methods for weighing a crop.

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