Weigh the exact dose by combination, with a multi-head weigher
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Pesar con una pesadora Multi Cabeza, usando varios combinaciones
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The multi-head weighers also work following the dosing principle, but they do so using multiple combinations, depending on the number of heads, .../

Weighing method: combination

Weighing using the principle of dosing by combination.

These weigher systems are suitable for bags between 0.2kg and 50kg (depending on brand) and have a large capacity, even with small bags.

Another advantage of these multi-head weighers is that the size of each unit (very large or very small potatoes or onions), barely affects the accuracy of each combination weigh. How this is achieved can be seen here: Accuracy of a multi-head weigher/filler (multi-head)

Click on the photos and videos of these machines for more detail.

which can be anywhere between 2 and 18.

Each "head" is a hopper or single weigher, which is filled up to 50%, 33% or 25% of the target weight. The machine's computer then combines 2, 3, 4 or more of these heads to reach the target weight with minimum margin of error.

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