The trailers or trucks to transport the crop from the field.
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Camiones para transportar la cosecha de cebollas o papas.
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The two types of truck:

1.)Tipper trucks or trailers.

2.)Trucks with discharge conveyors.

Trucks for transporting onions or potatoes from the field.

In general, after a mechanised harvest, an onion or potato loader is used to fill one of these two types of trucks:

Tipper truck.

Tipper truck.

Truck with rear discharge conveyor.

Truck with rear discharge conveyor.

Tipper trucks

Big and small tipper trucks unload into a special unloader, which does the following:

  1. Receives the produce from the truck in a controlled manner.
  2. Pre-cleans the produce, separating clods, stones, leaves, etc. from the onions or potatoes.
  3. Creates an adjustable flow of produce, to fill the storage facility in a controlled manner.

For more details on these bulk unloaders for onions, potatoes and many other products, see: Bulk unloader.

Trucks with discharge conveyors.

This type of truck comes in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same machine inside, which protects the produce from damage and ensures a smooth, uniform unloading. For more information about the details of a truck with rear discharge conveyor, read this: Trucks with rear discharge conveyor.

Photo above: Truck with discharge conveyor in the forecourt of McCain Argentina.

The constant and adjustable flow from these trucks or unloaders enters the storage facility:

Into a bulk facility, using a tipper truck.

Into a box facility, using trucks with discharge conveyors.

In general, tipper trucks are used to fill storage facilities, whilst trucks with discharge conveyors are usually used for filling box storage facilities.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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