Differences between emptying a bulk storage or a box storage
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The equipment needed to empty a bulk storage facility of onions and potatoes is very different to what is needed to empty a box storage.

Emptying potato and onion storage facilities.

Emptying a box storage.

Box storage facilities are emptied simply using a forklift. The forklift removes the box from the storage facility and places it on a box tipper.

The box tipper then carefully tips the box so that the potatoes or onions fall on to a conveyor belt for further processing or handling.

To see how these bin-tippers function, have a look at the movie here below.

Emptying a box storage with a forklift truck

This is not the way to move boxes full with onions weighing a ton!

Box-tipper in action

Emptying a bulk storage

Emptying a potato bulk storage with special equipment

Equipment to dig up the onions or potatoes from a bulk storage facility and transfer the product to a conveyor belt system.

Digging potatoes out of a bulk storage

Getting potatoes out of a bulk storage facility.

Boxes are expensive, because they have to be good quality as a warped box will prevent the correct ventilation, and badly built boxes will only last a couple of years.
Well-built boxes will last up to 15 years.

There is a certain size of storage facility that will make box storage more expensive than bulk storage, despite the fact that bulk storing onions or potatoes requires the construction of a relatively expensive civil structure as well as very specialised equipment.

The latest trend is that onion and potato storage moves more and more toward box storage.

Some things to consider while deciding for a bulk or a box storage:

  1. The capacity, when considering over 1.000 to 2.000 tons think about bulk storage
  2. Is your product suitable for bulk?
  3. Box storage is less risky, problems during storage stay localized in a couple of boxes.

For more information on the different storage systems, see: different storage systems for onions and potatoes

For more information on boxes, see: storage boxes, for all there is to know about these boxes.

A box-storage is facility is less costly and the logistics are done by simple standard forklift trucks, but requires an investment in boxes.

There is also the fact that certain varieties of onions or young potatoes are not suitable for bulk storage, because of the higher pressure the products must sustain heaped up 3 to 5 meters high.

As we have already mentioned a bulk storage facility requires more investment in equipment to fill or empty it, whilst a box storage facility requires a greater investment in boxes specialised equipment.

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