Bulk storage filling equipment.
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Filling a bulk storage with tipper trucks.

The crop (potatoes or onions) is dumped into a receiving hopper, passes over a pre-cleaner and then over ...

Filling a big bulk storage for onions or potatoes

Equipment needed to fill a 10.000 Ton bulk storage for potatoes or onions.

Seeing the picture below, it will be clear that some specialized equipment is needed

Filling a 10.000 ton potato bulk storage

Equipment needed to fill a bulk storage, from left to right:

Onion potato bulk storage filling equipment

1. Receiving hopper with pre-cleaner; The harvested potatoes or onions come in tipper trucks or dumb carts. The product is dumped into the hopper, at the outlet of the hopper is a pre-cleaner. This pre-cleaner has vibrating bars to separate soil and other unwanted inclusions from the product.

2. Telescopic conveyor belts; Telescopic conveyor belts are needed, because the reception hopper cannot be moved all the time, but the product has to get at the correct location in the storage.

3. Piler; Is an elevator that con move up/down, left/right and forward/backward. It piles the product onto the product heap constantly moving not to form cones within the product. These product cones inside a heap of onions or potatoes will inhibit homogenous ventilation.

A bulk storage receiving station for onions or potatoes in operation

Product arriving from the field at the bulk storage in tipper cart. The product is dumped into the receiving hopper and passes over a pre-cleaner.

Receiving onions for a bulk storage

Receiving potatoes. The wooden box receives the waste from the pre-cleaner.

Bulk filling station in operation

Filling station in operation.

Completely mechanised filling of a onion bulk storage

These three man are the only people involved in the operation of filling this bulk storage. The fourth man in the tractor works for the farmer. He brings the product from the field to the storage.

Completely mechanised filling of a onion bulk storage

Totally automated filling-station. The coordinates of the bulk storage are put into the equipment's computer and with the help of GPS the bulk piler fills the bulk storage. The process is completely automated.

Birds view of a fully automated bulk storage filling system.

Birds view of a fully automated bulk storage filling system.

set of telescopic conveyor belts to the bulk piler.

Really sophisticated storage facilities have this systems completely automated. By putting the GPS coordinates of the storage chamber into the system's computer and then the conveyor belts together with the piler move around autonomous and pile the bulk crop neatly and evenly spread in the storage chamber.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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