Transport of onions all over the world
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Transporte de cebollas tras una cosecha manual.
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Some impressions of onion transport worldwide, where harvest mechanization hasn't arrived yet.

Onion transport in different parts of the world?

Because of our global reach, we like to share some photos of onion transport in the world, we made visiting clients.

Onion transport in Nigeria, with camels

A camel caravan transporting onions from Nigeria (Sokoto) to Niger

Loading a camel with 200 kf of onions in Nigeria

Those camels carry two bags of 100 kg each full with onions

Camel heavely loaded with onions

Now he must stand up

Camels, loaded with onions, on their way to Niger

On their way

Mexico, big truck with onions leaving the field

Mexico, 30 tons of freshly harvested onion leaving the field

India: Loaded truck with onions in trouble.

India, trouble with a fully loaded truck with onions

Dominican Republic, a overloaded little truck with onions

Dominican Republic, this little truck transports the onions from the central mountains to the central market in Santo Domingo (3.5 hour drive)

Public transport is used to transport onions in Central America

Somewhere in Central America, even public transport is used to get the onions to the market

China, women in the field preparing onions for transport to the market.

China, women preparing the freshly harvested onions for transport to the market

Peru, workers in the field preparing onions for transport to the market.

Peru, at the ''alti planos'' (over 3,500 m above sea level) bagging the onions in the field to be transported to the market. It is not un-common finding a farmer in the middle of the road, where he has fainted due to lack of oxygen, with a 50-kg bag with onions lying beside him. One day, we collected 5 of these farmers and gave them a lift to the market. The whole village invited us for dinner. Great experience.

India, loading trucks with onions

India, loading a truck with onions

Argentina, Patagonia, preparing onions to be transported to the market

Argentina in Patagonia, preparing onions for the market from a ''rustic field storage'' for the market

Mongolia, onions in the shade beside the road to be transported to the market.

Mongolia, very high up in the mountains. Onions are placed beside the road in some shade, otherwise they would get damaged by sun burn.

The final transport vehicle for onions in the world

Only the last transport vehicle for onions is globally the same: the supermarket shopping cart.

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