How big is a box storage facility in relation to the tonnage
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Planta (distribución de cajas) de un almacén con aparatos AIR-MIX
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This floor plan tool draws the box layout according the internal free dimensions of a storage building, using air mix units.

Floor plan-tool

For a box or bin storage system with lateral ventilation using: air-mix units

The inputs with the pink background should be respected to guarantee optimal ventilation.

Please input the height, width and depth of your planned storage building, and create your Storage Layout, with all of its relevant measurements.

The standard box sizes:

Length of box: m Width of box: m Height of box: m

Some minimum distances that have to be respected, to guarantee optimal ventilation

Space between Rows: m Space boxes & wall: m Min. Overhead space: m
Free space in back: m Space for Forklift: m
Choose the free inside dimensions of the storage facility:
Height Storage facility:
minimum 4 m
m Inside width of storage facility:
minimum 8 m
m Depth building:
minimum 8 m

The drawing of the box or bin lay-out will appear here:

Number of rows: .... Width of all rows: ... m. Free space between wall and boxes: ... m.
Rows are ... boxes long. Length of row: ... m. Space for Forklift: ... m.
Rows are ... boxes heigh. Real free ventilation space above boxes: ... m.

This storage facility has the capacity of ... boxes or .... tonnes of potatoes.

When considering a storage system with lateral ventilation using air-mix units, this tool will give you a good idea of the capacity of your storage facility.

In the design phase of a storage facility, it will help to optimise the internal free dimensions, taking into account the necessary free space between the boxes, walls and roof, and between the boxes themselves.

It is not advisable with this ventilation system to have the rows longer than 10 boxes and you may stack the boxes a maximum of 6 high. Advisable 4 to 5 high, otherwise you need a very good forklift truck driver.

Go and design your own storage facility.

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