Sensors for computerized, automated, crop storage.
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Good, accurate temperature and relative humidity sensors form the basis of well-controlled crop storage system.

Climate conditions inside a crop storage facility are controlled using well-gauged sensors.

With the information from the sensors, the Multiserver and the control panel manage the hatches, turbines, coolers, heaters and humidifiers, resulting in: absolute control of the climate conditions within the storage facilities..

Temperature sensors for automated onion or potato storage.

Temperature sensors in their rack, waiting to be placed in the stored potatoes. The sensors are placed into the produce at random, occasionally piercing the onion or potato.

Temperature sensors for potato or onion storage

Temperature sensor placed in bulk stored white onions. Various sensors are placed into each batch, in different parts and at different depths, in order to gain a good average temperature reading for the produce.

Temperature sensor placed in a white onion bulk storage

Temperature sensor placed in box-stored potatoes with a pressure storage system. The sensors shouldn&$39;t be confined to the top boxes, but also placed in the lower boxes, in order to get a good average temperature reading.

External temperature and relative humidity sensors, climate control of a crop storage system

The Weather Station with its Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor for a storage system. This weather station should always placed near the entrance hatches of a storage facility, as can been seen here. The entrance hatches are noticeable through the mesh above the weather station. Never place the weather station under direct sunlight, because it will seriously disturb the readings.

Control panel of an automatic crop storage facility

After receiving the various instructions from the Multiserver, the CONTROL PANEL translates these instructions into the right signals to operate the hatches, turbines, heaters, condensers and humidifiers, fully controlling the internal air in terms of: Temperature, Relative Humidity and possible CO2 levels.

The relation between the temperature and humidity sensors and the science of drying and climate control.

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