Drying in different climates, Try your own climate, to see what system you need
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Secar en climas distintos
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It isn't easy to decide which is the right option:
1. Drying with ambient air,
2. Using heaters, or
3. Condense drying.

Which drying method is the right one for my climate?

We have provided a computer tool below which will help you to make this technically complex decision.

Fill in your local average air temperature and relative humidity at time of harvest, and the application will show you the safest option.

Your input

Outside air temperature
between 20 y 32 º C. *:

Outside relative humidity
between 40 y 100 % *

HR en % 20 ºC 21 ºC 22 ºC 23 ºC 24 ºC 25 ºC 26 ºC 27 ºC 28 ºC 29 ºC 30 ºC 31 ºC 32 ºC
> 90
> 80
> 70
> 60
> 50
> 40
only condense drying:
drying with heaters or condense drying:
drying with only outside air:

We have all of the methods for drying onions in any climate.

You can also browse the right drying method for anywhere else around the world.

Test it out with the following extreme climates (the temperatures and relative humidity are the most recent averages recorded during peak harvest time):

The temperatures and relative humidity are the most recent averages recorded during peak harvest time
Country or regiontemperaturerelative humidity
México (desert like areas) 35° C.40 %
Guayaquil (tropical humid) 32° C.90 %
the Netherlands 23° C.75 %
Sokoto (Nigeria)35° C.80 %
Constanza, (Mountains Dominican Republic)20° C.70 %

The local climate will determine which drying method to use. As you can well imagine, there are very obvious differences between drying onions in the Dutch polders, the Mexican desert, the humid plains of Guayaquil or the mountains of Colombia.

That's why we have developed our handy little calculator which will help you to decide which system to use.

The graph on the right provides a good idea of the right method for you.

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