Condense drying, how does it work?
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The diagram on the right demonstrates how VaccTek works when it is condense drying,

Vacc Tek condense dryer: How does it work?

VaccTek draws air from inside the storage facility, cools it down (lowering it to the dew point, essentially squeezing water from the air) and then reheats it to the temperature set on the Multiserver, using heat generated by the refrigerator compressor.

By combining the Multiserver and the VaccTek measurement and control system with information from the temperature and relative humidity sensors inside the storage facility, both the building and the produce can be kept at the right conditions, which is exactly how the grower wants it.

When Agrovent installs one of these units, they also train the personnel how to use it. In practice, it is very straightforward to use, even though the machine itself is complicated.

Yes, the science behind this technology is rather complicated. Below is a diagram of how condense drying works, using a VaccTek unit.

schematic view of a Vacc Tek crop drying unit

Diagram of a VaccTek unit, which dries produce through the Condense Drying method.

A VaccTek unit for 500 tonnes of onions.

The onions in this storage facility will be distributed next spring. This variety of produce requires a very secure storage facility, which is why the grower opted for condense drying (and storage) from VaccTek.

Vacc Tek crop drying unit

A VaccTek unit in a storage facility for 500 tonnes of onions for distribution. This machine operates using suction. Standing in front of it is Huub Kasius, Managing Director of Agrovent.

and how much space it occupies in a storage facility for 500 tonnes of onions for distribution the next year.

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