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Línea de producción para chips de papas
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Second hand potato crisp processing line with a capacity of 250 kg/hr for sale.

The line has been sold.

A production line for crisps (chips (US))

This second hand line has been sold

crisps (chips) production line

Crisps (chips) production line, just the part of the blending and frying

A list of the equipment, which will give you a good idea what is necessary for the production of crisps.

  • Vertical screw de-stoner
  • Weighing Hopper
  • Batch peeler
  • One sided of inspection belt
  • Roller inspection belt
  • Elevator
  • Slicer (copy of Urschell) Original knife-sets of Urschell are used.
  • Pre-washer (rotating drum with discharge-belt)
  • Blancher (drum blancher)
  • Dewatering vibrator (vibrating drive on wedge-wire sieve)
  • Fryer (top-paddles and top-conveyor) with internal heat exchanger
  • Thermal fluid oil heating system, 2 units
  • De-fatting conveyor (wire-mesh belt) with end-inspection
  • Bucket-conveyor elevator to packaging
  • Dividing belt to 2 x weigher
  • In-line weigher (2 x) (2 lanes)
  • Support and standing for dividing belt and weighers
  • Packaging machine (2 x) for 80 and 100 gram bags

The part of the line where the fresh potatoes are prepared to enter this (heat) part of the line is not shown here.

Before the potatoes enter in this final part of a crisp production line they must be: washed, peeled, sliced, graded and dried. This process is similar to the preparation for the production of chips (French fries). A very simple version of this part you can see: potato preparation for the production of chips.

You could also download a more extensive description of this sold second hand line here: description chip line

If considering investing in the production of chips or crisps we strongly suggest to reader the following document Considering Investment in frozen French fry processing, written by one of the professionals in this industry Eng. R.W. Crawford.

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