Mechanized onion harvest starts with a field or haulm topper
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Before harvesting onions, new potatoes, carrots or chicory, the plant needs to be topped.

Haulm or field toppers.

Before harvesting onions or new potatoes, first you need to top the plant (See also: Harvesting new potatoes) with a haulm topper (called a "KLAPPER" in Dutch). These machines come in two types:

Closed haulm topper

Closed haulm topper

Closed haulm topper.

This topper cuts and shreds the foliage, and leaves it in a row in the tyre tracks of the tractor.

In this photo, you can clearly see how the foliage comes out shredded into little pieces.
The mechanism above the left-hand wheel forms part of the system that automatically adjusts the height of the topper, ensuring that it cuts at a consistent level.

People often ask us the same question:
What happens if I have drip irrigation?
The answer: Nothing, haulm toppers don't affect the drip irrigation pipes.

Open haulm topper

Open haulm topper

Open haulm topper.

This type of topper cuts the foliage and shreds it into small pieces, dropping it on the ground where it was growing.

In this photo you can also see the part of the system which automatically adjusts the height. The yellow rods control the hydraulic mechanism for automatic height control.

Both haulm toppers require a tractor with at least 60 or 70 horsepower; this power is necessary not only to pull the machine but also to lift it. It also requires a hydraulic hitch.

What is the capacity of these haulm toppers?

Haulm toppers cut and shred in the region of 0.75 hectares per hour, regardless of the state of the ground and the crop.

These machines can be used for onions, potatoes, carrots and other crops, all of which require the same treatment.

How do haulm toppers work?

The knives of the topper

The blades of a haulm topper.

Close-up of a blade of a topper

Close-up of a blade.

ELLENS SAMON BV haulm toppers have three shafts underneath, and each one has two blades. The blades spin very quickly and act like propellers, sucking the air upwards with great force, lifting up any plants which are laying on the ground. Once they are vertical, the leaves and stems are cut by the blades. The blades are made from highly resistant material, and can cover hundreds of hectares without dulling. In addition, these haulm toppers are always delivered with several spare sets of blades.

In the photo to the right, you can see how easy it is to change the blades.

A tractor can pull up to three toppers at once.

Three haulm toppers behind a tractor

It is also possible for a single tractor to pull three toppers at once, although of course this requires a tractor with greater horsepower.

This involves cutting off the leaves and stems of the plant which grow above ground.

The haulm topper (klapper in Dutch) cuts the plant, and leaves it spread in small pieces across the field, where it will biodegrade after the harvest.

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