Manual potato harvest, Dominican Republic
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Tireo, una cosecha a mano
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As we have said before, mechanising agriculture should not start with the harvest, but with the packing. Let's see ...

Manual potato harvest.

Here is a manual potato harvest on a farm in Tireo, in the Dominican Republic. The owner had the choice between mechanising his harvest or his potato handling line (i.e. cleaning, grading, washing, inspection, weighing and packing). He wisely realised that his clients are not interested in how the produce is harvested, but in how it looks and how quickly they can get their hands on it.

The Tireo valley in the center of the Dominican Republic.

The Tireo valley, in the heart of the Dominican Republic.

The potatoes are mature.

The potatoes are ripe.

Breaking the soil with the help of a tractor.

The soil is tilled by a tractor

And breaking the soil with the help of a horse.

The soil is tilled by horses

Collecting and piling up the potatoes.

Gathering and piling up the potatoes.

Collecting and piling up the potatoes.

Gathering and piling up the potatoes.

Between 20 and 25 people are needed to harvest a hectare with potatoes.

20 people can harvest one hectare in a day.

The potatoes are ready to be pick-up.

The potatoes are ready to be collected.

The potatoes are put into bags or boxes.

The potatoes are placed into sacks or baskets.

Harvest nearly ready to be transported from the field.

Harvest almost ready to be collected from the field.

Harvest ready to be transported to the handling installation.

Ready to be transported to the packing packaging line.

Harvested potatoes, ready to be transported from the field

The harvest will be taken to the shed by truck to be cleaned, graded, washed, weighed and packed.

The potato handling line.

Part of the line for receiving, brushing, grading, washing, inspecting, weighing and packing the harvest.

Ready to be delivered to the client.

Ready for the clients.

The Tireo and Constanza valleys have the perfect climate for farming, and their lands are very fertile. Many farmers carefully rotate their crops using our Crop Rotation tool. As a result, these valleys harvest three different crops each year. Have a look underneath at this field, which is ready to be sown the day after it was harvested.

Tilted field ready for the next crop

The field the following day. Planting corn would be a good option for crop rotation. Click here and try it out our: Crop rotation tool

what happens if you mechanise the harvest first.

Harvesters generate a flow of produce from the field at a pace of 30 to 40 tonnes an hour. What do you do with so much produce if you don't have a line ready to process it? On top of that, the client is looking for good presentation, the correct weight and a quick and precise service.

Once the packaging side is mechanised, then you can think about mechanising the harvest and the transport processes.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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