Perforated belt graders
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Calibrar la cosecha por una malla con agureras al tamaño deseado
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Graders with short perforated conveyor belts will grade onions, potatoes or any other roundish product

Grading with perforated conveyor belts

This kind of graders use short perforated conveyor belts. The size of the perforations determine the size of the product that falls through.

These machines are very compact and can be placed in any part of an installation.

They are equipment for small and large capacities. The width of the belts determines the capacity of the system.

They are also suitable for delicate onions, because these equipment treat the product in a very delicate way. The product only touches the rubber of the conveyor belt.

Changing sizes requires changing the perforated conveyor belts, so that is not simple.

Perforated conveyor belt graders

The man in the middle has a grader on his left. He is inspecting the onions, before they fall into the bins on the right below.

Grading installation in Egypt

A view of the grader from above with its output of a size. This installation are in a high capacity facility in Egypt.

a perforated belt grader

The gray machine with the two blue electrical motors is the grader. The man is inspecting the product that comes out of the grader.

Grader in action

Grader with perforated belts in action

Disadvantage: changing sizes, then you have to replace the perforated conveyors belts in the graders.

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