High capacity belt graders for onions
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These Cord or string graders are the latest in high capacity grading. This very compact system treats the to be graded product very gently, because:

High capacity belts graders

The machines use rubber strings

The distance (easy adjustable) between these rubber strings determines the size of the product.

A big advantage of this way of grading is, that a treats the product rather gently, even with these kind of graders of very big capacities. The onions do not suffer any blows and never fall more than 30 cm and always on a soft surface.

These graders are only suitable for rather round products.

high capacity graders for onions

High capacity grading system.

An EQRAFT high capacity belt grader in action.

The distance between the rubber cords determines the size of the product and is adjustable in a very simple way. You can see in the photos and video that the onions fall from very low height and always on a soft surface.

a high capacity grading system using rubber strings

This picture gives a good impression of the high capacity of these kind of, for instance, onion graders. As can be observed, after the grader the onion flow is split in two.

the product, or travels on rubber strongs or cords or falls on rubber conveyor belts from very reduced altitudes.

Another advantage is the very simple way to change required sizes. It is done by turning a spindle, changing the distance between the rubber strings or cords.

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