Analyse your investment before committing yourself.
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Convierte divisas, calcula costes financieros, analice inversiones
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1. A tool for analysing the necessary investment for a simple mechanisation, which gets straight to the point.


Tool for analysing mechanisation costs

This tool calculates the cost per kilogram of produce during the period of repayment for the machinery, in the blink of an eye. Say goodbye to worksheets and complicated calculator sums. You can also print out different financial options, to analyse later on.

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Input the data to work out the cost per kilo of produce during the period of repayment for the machinery:

Machinery investment *:


Repayment *:

Annual interest *:

Capacity *:

Running for *:

Running for *:

2. Currency converter

Currency converter, opens in a new window.

a. Machinery investment,
b. Repayment in years,
c. Annual interest rate,
d. Capacity of machinery in kg per hour,
e. How many hours will the machinery run each day?
f. How many days of the year will the machinery run?

2. A currency converter, to calculate the value in a different country, for example euros into Colombian pesos.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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