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Enlaces relacionados con la agricultura de papas y cebollas.
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Mechanization Fights Inflation's PRE HARVEST equipment links, from soil preparation machinery to harvest equipment.

The great Global Agricultural Worries.


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Frutas, hortalizas y ornamentales

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Asociación Latinoamericana de la Papa

La ALAP ha mantenido reuniones técnicas y de actualización cada dos años en diferentes países de la región, congregando a investigadores, empresarios, extensionistas, productores e interesados en el cultivo de la papa en general.

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EcromA es una empresa Nicaragüense que tiene como actividad principal el rubro semillas de papas, pero también trabajamos en la comercialización de papas de consumo, cebollas, y podemos orientarlo con maquinaria de siembra o cosecha.

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The Complete Guide to Growing Potatoes

Potatoes need slightly acidic soil, a lot of sunlight and a lot of water to thrive in your garden. The plants are annuals usually grown in zones 1 through 7. Along with growing potatoes in the ground, outdoors, many gardeners are able to successfully grow a crop of potatoes in a container or indoors.

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Promoción e Investigacion de Productos Andinos

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African Potato Association » 9th Triennial Conference of the African Potato Association

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Noticias de agricultura, ganadería, industria, desarrollo rural, forestal, medio ambiente, acceso al sigpac

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Agrodigital, la web del campo

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Instituto de Investigaciones de Sanidad Vegetal

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Directório vocacionado para os sectores da agricultura, floresta, pecuária, agro-indústria, cça, ambiente, desenvolvimento rural

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World Potato Congress

8th World Potato Congress Tremendous Success

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Portal for the global potato & potato processing industry

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Agrimir Agricultural Machinery Ltd.

Manufacturer of wide range agricultural machines all over the world.Soil processing, harvesting, planting machines, trailer, sprayer, spreader.

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HENNIPMAN - Essa Marca é Batata !

Objetivo - Buscar continuamente melhorias em nossos processos produtivos, fornecer equipamentos com qualidade e inovações tecnológicas suprindo as necessidades de nossos clientes.


The world's biggest agricultural issues

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A Buffett Turns to Farming in Africa

After a meeting with farmers in Fufuo, Ghana, Howard Buffett stood up to shake hands, African style. He extended his right arm, marked with a faint scar from a cheetah bite, and then launched into a rapid combination of finger snapping and palm slapping.

Oil palm: The cost of greed.

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Palm Oil Monocultures Will Never Be Sustainable

One year ago, the International Declaration Against the Greenwashing of Palm Oil by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil was published, signed by over 250 organisations worldwide.

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Palm oil problems part II

We aren't done plundering the veritable booty that is the problems with palm oil industry. Palm oil plantations are just as sceptic to the ecosystems they ravish as they are to the people trying to eke out a living under their leafy branches.

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The Palm Oil Conundrum

But in some locations, expansion of oil palm cultivation has resulted in serious environmental damage as rain forest has been cleared to make room for new palm oil plantations

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Talking Points: Palm Oil

Palm oil has a bad reputation. It has been accused of anything from the cause of climate change to being a bad food product. How much of it is actually true, and how much is just hot air? Most importantly, if the industry is as bad as some people say, is there hope for change?

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Sustainable Palm Oil: Rainforest Savior or Fig Leaf?

The push to promote sustainable palm oil is turning into a test case for green consumerism. The outcome could help determine the future of the rainforests of Asia and Africa - and whether consumer pressure can really sway corporate giants.

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Palm Oil -- The Southeast Asia Report

In an effort to broaden our coverage at The Oil Drum, this Southeast Asia report focuses on the tragic consequences of cultivating palm oil to produce biodiesel fuel.

SEO links for agriculture and food.

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Farming needs a major shift to more sustainable practices as intensive crop production since the 1960s has degraded soils, depleted ground water and caused pest outbreaks, the United Nations said.
For more: Farming Needs Major Shift as Food Systems Fails.

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