Real time consumption of agricultural products in the UK
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Consumption of agricultural produce in real time in the UK

Farming in the UK

Agriculture in the UK
Union Jack embedded in an agricultural field, somewhere in the United Kingdom

How much agricultural produce does the UK consume in real time?

The changing numbers, here below, represent the consumption in real time, since you've been on this page!

Just seeing the sheer volume of real time consumption of agricultural produce, it becomes very clear that mechanization in agriculture and crop rotation are key to be successful. is a specialist agricultural equipment site in the UK, where users can search for all types of farm equipment for sale. The most popular search on the site is for tractors for sale in the UK which typically return more than 1,000 tractors advertised by sellers across the UK.

At harvest time, the popularity of the combines for sale, in the UK, search term increases, as you would expect. Published by Focus Business Media alongside the website is the fortnightly national classified advertising magazine, Farm Machinery Locator.

To mechanise your post harvest processes:
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