Production costs cauliflower in the Netherlands.
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Los beneficios brutos (ingresos menos gastos) de producción de COLIFLORES
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Balance per hectare means: gross income minus direct costs per hectare.

The balance per hectare for cauliflower is: € 6.814

Production balance of cauliflower grown in the Netherlands


The average production balance of cauliflower grown for the fresh-market in the Netherlands.

Way of cultivation as is the normal practice in the North West of the Netherlands.
Sowing: 5-8 (variety:glas)
Time of sowing: weeks 12-15
Configuration: 75 x 50
Time of harvest: weeks 27-38
Percentage harvested: 75%
Neto yield 1)20.000units0.60€/unit12.000
Starting Material: The Seed
seedlings25.000units19€/1.000 units475
calcium ammonium nitrate26% N y 10 % Ca196kg N0.94€/kg183
triple superphosphate 46% Phosfor (P2O5) / 20% Calcium (CaO)142kg P2O51.07€/kg152
kali 60 (chlorine-containing) 60% K2O con Clorine150kg K2O0.51€/kg77
metazachloor (500)2l57.03€/l114
deltamethrin (25)1l39.02€/l39
ferri fosfaat (1%)50kg5.33€/l267
pirimicarb (50%)0.5kg86.2€/kg43
fuel and lubricants225l1€/l225
storage 3) 0kWh0.22€/kWh
Delivery Costs
Transport costs20units*1.000141.75€/1.000 units2.835
Fee for special storage20units*1.00011.8€/1.000 units236
Commission on sales volume.12.0003.5%420
Calculated interests3035.3%16
Fee for national crop organization.1ha31.9€/hect32
insurance against hail10.2800.7%72
Balance, money left over, per hectare for
  1. Privately owned mechanization equipment
  2. External services (sowing etc) and day workers
  3. Private income
Soil preparation3hour
care for cultivation45hour
Weeding by hand15hour
harvest & processing152hour
1) Production of one complete hectare. In practice only 90% of a hectare is used.
2) The use of metazacloro can be diminished. Uso de methiocarb contra caracol solamente en los bordes del cultivo.
3) The labor need is based on the use of harvesting truck withpackagaer and harvest conveyor. See pictures below.
4) The cauliflower is harvest during three passes.

Balance per Unit (Hect.) Day_workers(e=c-d) means:
All the above costs have been paid and subtracted from the GROSS INCOME. From the money that is left over the producer pays the finance costs of his mechanization equipment and then what is left over is:
his salary or income per hectare.

Please note that insurance against specific cultivation illnesses is quite normal in the Netherlands.

Cauliflower harvest in the Netherlands

Cauliflower harvest
Cauliflower harvest
A cualiflower harvesting truck
A cualiflower harvesting truck
Cauliflower entering the packaging truck
Cauliflower entering the packaging truck
Cauliflower harvest
Cauliflower harvest

From this balance the producer has to pay his finance costs, the costs of the outsourcing of planting and harvesting.

And what is left, is his income per hectare per harvest.

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