The differences between emptying a bulk- or box-storage

The equipment needed to empty a bulk storage and the equipment needed to empty a box storage facility are completely different.

In general a bulk storage facility is more costly because of its infra-structure and the more expensive unloading equipment.

A box-storage is facility is less costly and the logistics are done by simple standard fork-lift trucks, but requires an important investment in boxes.

Also the fact that there are certain kind onions or young potatoes that are not fit for bulk storage because they cannot handle the pressure.

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Emptying a potato and onion storage.

Emptying a box storage

The logistics in a bin or box storage for potatoes or onions is done with a simple standard fork-lift trucks.

Emptying the box-storage a fork-lift truck with remove the boxes from the storage and place them in so-called bin-tippers. The bin-tipper will tip the box emptying it carefully onto a conveyor, where the product will be transported for further handling.

To see how these bin-tippers function, have a look at the movie here below.

Follow the product stream.

Hard at work emtying a potatoe or onion storage, taking the box to the bin tipper.

Emptying a bulk storage

Equipment to dig up the potatoes or onions from a bulk storage and deposit the product on a conveyor system.

Equipment to dig up the potatoes or onions from a bulk storage.

Emptying bulk potato storage onto a conveyor system.

Emptying bulk potato storage onto a conveyor system.

Getting potatoes out of a bulk storage.

Getting potatoes out of a bulk storage.


Boxes are expensive, because they have to be of high quality, crooked box will impede correct ventilation and weakly constructed boxes will last just a couple of years. For more on boxes Goto: Storage Boxes for Potatoes or Onions.

So there is a certain size of the storage facility that will make a box storage more expensive than a bulk storage, despite the fact that a bulk storage for onions or potatoes requires a relative costly civil construction and rather costly equipment (as shown above) to get the onions or potatoes out of the storage. For more Goto: Floor Ventilation for Bulk Storage.

But: not all potatoes or onions (especially onions) are just FIT for bulk storage. For more Goto: Successfully Store Onions

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