For sale:
second hand
potato chip line.

Complete second hand potato chip processing line with a capacity of 250 kg/hr for sale.

At this moment the line can be inspected at the factory of Marcelissen BV in the Netherlands upon request.

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Potato chips or crisp line.

Second hand potato chip line for sale Second hand potato chip production line, Sold

Example of a complete Second Hand Potato-Chips production line with a capacity of 250 kg/hr for sale.

For a detailed description of this line you are invited to download the following document:

The Line consist of:

  1. Vertical screw de-stoner
  2. Weighing Hopper
  3. Batch peeler
  4. One sided of inspection belt
  5. Roller inspection belt
  6. Elevator
  7. Slicer (copy of Urschell) Original knife-sets of Urschell are used.
  8. Pre-washer (rotating drum with discharge-belt)
  9. Blancher (drum blancher)
  10. Dewatering vibrator (vibrating drive on wedge-wire sieve)
  11. Fryer (top-paddles and top-conveyor) with internal heat exchanger
  12. Thermal fluid oil heating system, 2 units
  13. De-fatting conveyor (wire-mesh belt) with end-inspection
  14. Bucket-conveyor elevator to packaging
  15. Dividing belt to 2 x weigher
  16. In-line weigher (2 x) (2 lanes)
  17. Support and standing for dividing belt and weighers
  18. Packaging machine (2 x) for 80 and 100 gram bags

Many parts of this line are new, for more information contact us, or: Marcelissen BV

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