30 t/h onion grading and packaging line

This 30 ton per hour grading line consists out of a receiving hopper which pre-cleans the newly harvested onions and places the product on a conveyor belt that transports the product to the 5 grid grid-grader.

From there the graded product is transported to 5 inspection tables. The undersized product and the dirt that falls out the bottom of the grid grader goes directly to a disposal bin.

The 5 graded sizes pass the inspection on their way to the semi-automatic weigher/baggers.

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High capacity onion packaging line.

Onions handling line.

Lay-out of a high capacity onion grading and packaging installation.

This 30 ton per hour grading line with a 5 grid grid-grader or sieve-grader is fit to handle long day compact and hard onions and mature potatoes. It is not fit to handle new-potatoes and short day onions, especially when these products are fertilize with nitrogen during the last 6 weeks of their cultivation instead of having been fertilized with potassium and lime, to assure a firm a compact product.

This 30 ton / hour receiving, grading, inspectioning, weighing and packaging line is FOR SALE. For more information please contact us and we will put you in contact with the right people.

Contact Us for the 30 ton/hour grading line For Sale.

Receiving hopper

The receiving hopper receives the onions directly from the field. For more information on these receiving hoppers please Goto: Receiving hoppers.

Receiving hopper

A front view of the 5 grid grid-grader for onions, beets or potatoes. The biggest product leaves the highest grid and and the smaller sizes fall through, with the result that the undersized product leaves this grader at the bottom. For more detials on grid-graders please Goto: Grid-grader or sieve graders.

Receiving hopper

The grid-grader releases the onions on a wide conveyor belt, where vertical separators lead the different sizes to their inspection tables.

Receiving hopper

Here the flow of the onions to the inspection can be seen clearly.

Receiving hopper

Another close-up view of how the different sized onions arrives at their different inspection tables.

Receiving hopper

Here it is shown how the inpected onions are feeded into small hopper that suplly the semi-automatic weighers and sackers with a constant flow of product to insure a fluid operation.

Receiving hopper

A close up of the semi-automatic weighers with their feeding hopper (at the left) and their discharge hopper of the weight product ready to discharge the 10, 20, 25 to 50 kg batch into a mash bag.

Onions handling line.

The end of the line: The 5 semi-automatic weighers/packers for onions or potatoes for the 5 grid grader, Note: the undersize are fed into a wooden box, seen at the right side of this picture and the jumbo size are fed into the semi-automatic weigher bagger at the right hand side of the picture.

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